Our exclusive brands quality and function at the highest level

The focus of our exclusive hair care series is on achieving the best care and styling results for the hairdressing partner and offering the customer at home easy-to-use products with outstanding results.

Discover a fashionable, young and care-intensive line of hair cosmetics that leaves nothing to be desired! FANOLA is a technologically advanced line of products entirely dedicated to the care and beauty of hair. The Fanola product range is also characterized by an unbeatable price-performance ratio. With Fanola you get products with top quality at a reasonable price

We bring the flair of haute couture and the famous Italian casualness from the catwalk to the salon: Inspired by the fashion world, we have been developing innovative products and services for more than 70 years that allow hairdressers to live out their creativity and quality standards without restriction.

MOOD is … Simply efficient and just plain FUN!

MOOD is a simple and functional range of products to kick-start any beauty program.

A dynamic and alternative approach to professional products for the treatment, styling and hair color, expressed in high-impact colourful packaging.

MOOD provides quality through advanced formulas that are 100% made in Italy.

3DeLuXe is an Italian manufacturer that has set itself the task of using very high quality raw materials in order to be able to offer the customer unique beauty experiences. 3DeLuXe have also found the best way to package products in such a way that waste can largely be avoided, in line with the company's philosophy.

Hunter 1114 is a young, modern care and styling series tailored to the needs of men. Unique products made in USA. Highest quality and best results for the well-groomed man!

Hair care doesn't have to be confusing or complicated. Our product formulations are based on multi-tasking. They have everything you need for the ultimate hair experience. Without animal testing! 100% vegan! For all hair types! Crazy name. Outstanding results.

Yakushi impresses with years of experience in the hairdressing scissors industry. The scissors are carefully handcrafted from the best types of steel in order to always deliver the best quality to our customers. Discover hairdressing scissors with persistent sharpness, perfect ergonomics and exceptional design. Yakushi Japan also offers a range of high quality electric hair clippers and other products.

Beauty-Tex specializes in high-quality hairdressing towels and hairdressing capes that will satisfy even the most demanding hairdressing entrepreneur.

Cosmos Germany has set itself the task of supplying the hairdressing market with elite and unique hairdressing scissors. These are specially tailored to the demanding needs of the hairdresser. Ours are equipped with an exclusive flat ball bearing and are therefore extremely durable. The excellent ergonomics guarantee maximum cutting control.

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